This is the New World Order. Beautiful new world. #FckNWO

  I   NWO GB This is the New World Order. Beautiful new world. #FckNWO

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Below is an excerpt from the publication "Digitalisation & The New World Order", which you can download free of charge below.

The New World Order (to be prevented)


"We will have a world government, whether you like it or not. The only question is whether this government will be achieved by conquest or approval.”

The Jewish international banker James Warburg on February 17, 1950, when he testified before the U.S. Senate. James was the son of Paul Warburg, who represented the Rothschilds when the Federal Reserve Act was established on Jekyll Island in 1910. He later co-founded the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR).



"Until you do not know your enemy, stop dreaming of a better world.”


The New World Order is a hydra-headed monster. It works on many fronts such as Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Feminism, Zionism, Neoconservatism and Freemasonry. These "progressive" movements, although unknown to most members, are all secretly dedicated to the "world revolution", which is a euphemism for the hegemony of global rulers. They are concerned with absolute control. Control of peoples, of ideas, of religious beliefs. Their power base is the control of the monetary system.


Divide and rule


Ordo Ab Chaos - Order out of Chaos


Through the various front organizations they present themselves democratically, while these Machiavellians are in reality right-wing extremist reactionaries who use events such as the Cold War, the Gulf War, the Yugoslavian War, the WTO or the G8 to create a situation in which they are "forced" to react and thereby strengthen their control.

Wars have always served the elites and powerful on this planet as "their own economic stimulus" to generate new growth and power. It has always been in the interest of a small stratum that skilfully, through propaganda, media campaigning and the "creation of an external enemy", has led people to slaughter each other while providing financial, material and ideological support and profits to both sides of the (war) parties.



Let us remember Mr Rockefeller's statements about the next major crisis. All crises are managed and planned by the bankers and they know exactly what they are doing. What is the goal? The aim is to consolidate total power over production and labour by deliberately creating a civilisation based on poverty. Furthermore, the goal is to make the populations so hopeless in the long run that they are socially (malleable). In order for the globalists to be able to introduce what they themselves call the "New World Order", they need chaos to wear people down in order to be able to present themselves later, after the crisis, as saviours who deliver us from all suffering. The goal is total control and enslavement.

A new crisis should be prevented this time and with this knowledge. People do not have to suffer unnecessarily. There must be no crash. Let the money press run. If they do, the banks and financial moguls will be liable this time. Above all Wall Street, the private City of London and the Vatican. Trillions of assets in tax havens are confiscated. Tax evaders are punished and expropriated. The snowball system has to be broken up. And for politicians, too, a financial crisis never comes out of nowhere.


The monetary system and money creation must be reformed and humanity freed from this enslaving system. The destruction of monopolies. Building and supporting the local economy with local investments for the benefit of the local population. Reform of IMF, World Bank and WTO.


It is unacceptable that a series of countries have to blackmail and serve the private interests of a small elite and be abused as mere chess pieces on the chessboard of the New World Order.



The United Nations is thus today the organization for the realization of the new world order, as already manifested in 2014, for example. The majority of the 193 states are communist, Islamist or socialist tyrant states. The African faction, for example, is represented by the murderous Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe.


The fact that China and Russia are equally involved in the shaping of this new world order also makes the East-West paradigm, the current conflicts or the narrative of the "multipolar world" appear in a different light. For with the decision to introduce Agenda 2030 at the UN Summit in 2015, the introduction of a socialist one-world dictatorship has been decided.


And NOBODY was questioned! Neither the German parliament, nor the German population. Not to mention the media did not report about it.



BUT the biggest undoing within the framework of Agenda 2030 is the UN Migration Pact, which after the last meeting in May is now to be finalised at the UN Summit in Marrakesh on 10-11 December 2018. Here is the final document of the July migration pact. Instead of immigration, there is also talk of "replacement migration". The current uncontrolled mass immigration is therefore about targeted population exchange, i.e. in the end the destruction of all peoples, which should now also be legalised. The same can be seen in the negotiations for Dublin IV at EU level. "Like it or not" writes THE ECONOMIST.


This text and video interpret the migration pact very well and sum up the consequences. One plans the demographic, ethnic and cultural decline of the continent. A high treason against the European peoples and the world and, by definition, genocide!



Europe as a Model for the One World Government


As described earlier, the same bankers and major industrialists who were also responsible for the founding of the Councils of Foreign Relations and the United Nations financed the Communist Bolsheviks in Russia, the Communist Revolution of Mao and National Socialist Hitler at the same time (more information here). After researching all these interrelationships (information material available for download later) I have to state that the many history books on the outbreak and course of the First and Second World Wars do not tell us the complete truth.


After my research I must assume that the First and Second World Wars were staged to destroy Germany and Europe as well as the peoples (see here and here) in order to gain control over the European countries. It was also already the attempt to enforce socialism/ communism. Again, all wars are banker wars.


After the war then the already existing plans for a 4th Reich of the fascists in the form of the European Union were gradually implemented by the same people and with the same people. The goal was always the destruction of the personal freedoms and the national independence of the European nations with the goal of the United States of Europe as milestone and model for the construction of the fascist-communist one-world government under the United Nations. Here is the chronology of fascism in Germany and Europe.


And since then, completely corrupt politicians have continued to work on the subjugation of Europe and the destruction of the nation states in a fascist-communist and technocratic EU dictatorship in the style of the old Soviet Union. There are democratic deficits everywhere, just think of the non-elected and non-democratically legitimised EU Commission or people like EU Council President Van Rompuy.


Lobby groups such as the European Round Table of Industrialists, the Group of Thirty or the private banking cartel of the European Central Bank, i.e. the people to whom we owe the last and probably also the forthcoming crisis, determine this in order to completely enslave Europe. Also the EURO was a trap from the beginning, the whole construct is deficient, rules are not followed by anyone etc.. And I can only expressly warn against further steps towards a banking union. A country like Greece will never get back on its feet without its own currency (corresponding devaluation) and insolvency. Then of course the whole state has to be built up and founded etc. (see here, here, here and here)


With the Lisbon Treaty almost all state sovereignty was transferred to the Moloch Brussels. There are violations of human rights, the death penalty was introduced through the back door or a kind of Gestapo / secret police was created. Now the expansion of the EU public prosecutor's office is to be accelerated. The development of censorship and control mechanisms on the Internet has also been driven forward recently under the pretext of terror and hate speech.


All in the spirit and harmony of the One World Government that awaits us under the United Nations and whose forerunner/ model is the European Union.



Download publication "Digitization & The New World Order

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Presentation of all topics of digitisation and proposal for the structure and tasks of an eGovernment Digital Agency. 

Information on the current situation in Europe and the world as well as on the New World Order including historical links.


More detailed material for study purposes can be downloaded below:


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