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Below is an excerpt from the publication "Digitalisation & The New World Order", which you can download free of charge below.

In the following, I will make a proposal on what a governmental organization should look like, which takes care of the extensive topics in the context of digitization, bundles know-how and in which the strategies for the digital transformation are developed. I call it a digital agency, although the form of organisation is perhaps closest to that of a council. I also describe tasks, individual topics or even responsibilities.


After this short introduction and presentation of this organization, I will also give an overview of the most important topics in the context of digitization.



In the current legislative period, the subject of digitisation has now been settled in the Chancellor's Office. There is a digital cabinet, a data ethics commission is to draft a new data law and a federally owned "Agency for Jump Innovations" is being planned. According to the Enquete Commission "Internet and Digital Society", which existed between 2010 and 2013, another Enquete Commission is now to investigate the effects of artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making systems on our society by 2020. Key points for an AI strategy were presented before the summer break. The final strategy is to be worked out by autumn. A digital council was presented on August 21. On 30 August, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Defence announced the joint establishment of an agency for innovations in cyber security.



It is also about trust. A major issue is the democratic control of all these processes, because the abuse for authoritarian purposes is enormous and is a major issue of our time. That is why I personally, as a citizen, expect the government to deal transparently with these issues, also as a confidence-building measure and a signal that the fundamental rights of the sovereign, the citizen and the individual are being respected.


Also the task of the clearing-up and information would take the digital agency naturally with an appropriate on-line offer and depict the entire digital ecosystem of Germany and inform enterprises, organizations and citizens and bring them together.



A holistic approach is necessary because digitization in particular covers society as a whole. Digital technologies are used in all areas; they change the economy, work, society and also the state.


Digitisation must be understood as a whole: An overarching strategy, know-how and holistic decisions are necessary.


An independent authority/agency as part of the Federal Government, which bundles all matters relating to digital transformation, positions digital issues at the cabinet table and acts as a mediating body between the ministries.

Furthermore, the authority should network people and knowledge and also help to build up competencies.

The Agency would partner with government, ministries and parliamentary committees, advise public authorities and administrations and coordinate a network of experts.


Especially when it comes to digitization, however, experts who not only move in the political circus, but also know the economy well, the challenges of companies, the wishes of citizens and last but not least the possibilities of technology.

In other words, an institution that does not have direct organisational proximity to political operations, but works independently of them - but with authority to issue directives to all ministries.


On the other hand, digital transformation must be declared a top priority within the Federal Government. The Federal Government must be prepared to thread a path to new institutional ways.






In many places we see the formation of monopolistic structures or the takeover of entire markets that weaken competition, harm the economy as a whole and put society in a serious imbalance. The negative consequences of monopolies are actually well known: Eliminating competition, higher prices for consumers, falling wage rates or even slowing down innovations.


Value creation, the economy and the state must be rethought in a certain way. With the advent of digital technologies and large amounts of data, the global economy is undergoing fundamental change, posing major challenges to governments and politicians.


The effects of major technological innovations have not been and are not sufficiently understood and there are major adaptation difficulties. States and institutions need a deeper understanding of technology-driven structural change and the growing systemic importance of big tech and must adapt intelligently to innovations brought about by digitization.



In any case, the speed of technological innovations is really enormous in many areas. In the field of machine learning or artificial intelligence, opportunities are opening up that are simply too powerful to leave you to private companies without any social and democratic control. Even leading minds in the field are urgently warning of the consequences. A race has broken out between the USA and China, which is primarily oriented towards economic aspects or power interests. Europe has also been stepping up its efforts in this area for a good three months. In any case, it would be extremely important to develop a vision for the use of these techniques, which would also be oriented towards human, philosophical and civilizing aspects - and best of all in international cooperation. The development of these intelligent machines and algorithms should always be about the "how", the "who", "transparency" or also about security aspects in the development.



And to understand this, you need to look at the history of Silicon Valley, which shows how closely the Valley is intertwined with the military and with it the Military Industrial Complex. Facebook is therefore also a kind of "Military-Messaging Complex" and where this can lead to could be observed in the past, for example in Israel, Myanmar or Sri Lanka.


This article describes very well how the US government deliberately promoted the monopolies of technology companies in order to develop sophisticated methods of influencing the public. This is also referred to as a "friendly conquest" of other countries by making them dependent on US technologies. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. have long been an integral part of the huge propaganda apparatus that the USA maintains.



The U.S. has really expanded its surveillance apparatus extremely since 9/11. Concepts such as "social scoring" or "predictive policing" hold the great danger of leading us into a kind of educational dictatorship and are a danger to our liberal society and democracy. And if you look closely, the differences between the Chinese and American models, which ultimately also affect us in Europe, are not so many differences. And in Europe itself there is already a country, Estonia, in which all, really all data of the citizens are already centrally recorded, but little is reported on its details. The recently propagated abolition of cash  or the RFID-microchips would also be a further step towards total surveillance and control. This ultimately leads to slavery and freedom would be nothing more than an illusion and it would ultimately also be the end of the Enlightenment and civilisation. That is why we here in Europe must now fight to avoid this and find our own way to preserve our freedom.



Download publication "Digitization & The New World Order

(PDF, 93 pages, loads of useful information and links, available in German, English and Spanish)

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Presentation of all topics of digitisation and proposal for the structure and tasks of an eGovernment Digital Agency. 

Information on the current situation in Europe and the world as well as on the New World Order including historical links.


More detailed material for study purposes can be downloaded below:


DIGITALIZATION (500MB)   (Dropbox / DriveOnWeb, German provider - registration required)

CYBER (110MB)   (Dropbox / DriveOnWeb)

MEDIA & COMUNICATION (250MB)   (Dropbox / DriveOnWeb)


THE NEW WORLD ORDER (800MB)   (Dropbox / DriveOnWeb)



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