The propagated climate change is a big hoax. The problems lie elsewhere.

  I   NWO GB The propagated climate change is a big hoax. The problems lie elsewhere.

"Follow the leaders," Berlin, Germany, April 2011. Credit: Isaac Cordal

Below is an excerpt from the publication "Digitalisation & The New World Order", which you can download free of charge below.

Also that the climate change as propagated by the United Nations etc. is man-made or caused by the people living on earth is not right. Global warming is not CO2-driven. The top propagandist Al Gore is regularly disproved his statements from his lectures or films. It’s all about business.


Great problems lie in the massive influence of humans on the climate and thus on our habitat by means of geo-engineering (report of the Federal Environment Agency), chemtrails, nuclear "unconventional" frackings or HAARP facilities by means of which the climate, humans and the environment are massively influenced and damaged.


Here is the investigation report from 1999 on HAARP of the European Parliament and its influence on the environment and its use for military purposes. Hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes - everything is possible.


The American CIA has been dealing with the subject of climate control since the 1960s (Memorandum from 1960 on the CIA website). The use for military purposes can meanwhile be regarded as secured.


These techniques are also used on a small scale. The German Handelsblatt reported recently that VW in Mexico uses an anti-hail cannon to protect the parking lot with the new cars and therefore has problems with the neighbouring farmers.


The extremely hot and dry year in Europe was perhaps also no coincidence. Here are some pictures and links to Twitter accounts from the Middle East, where you can see blooming deserts, heavy rainfalls, torrential rivers and astonished people. The oil regions need more and more water for oil production and fracking. Weather certificates are now also traded on the stock exchange and are a business.



BUT the biggest undoing within the framework of Agenda 2030 is the UN Migration Pact, which after the last meeting in May is now to be finalised at the UN Summit in Marrakesh on 10-11 December 2018. Here is the final document of the July migration pact. Instead of immigration, there is also talk of "replacement migration". The current uncontrolled mass immigration is therefore about targeted population exchange, i.e. in the end the destruction of all peoples, which should now also be legalised. The same can be seen in the negotiations for Dublin IV at EU level. "Like it or not" writes THE ECONOMIST.



And the same people of that time are today working on the introduction of a kind of fascist communism in Europe and the world and selling it as socialism based on the ideologies and ideologues of that time: Adam Weishaupt, Karl Marx, the Fabian Society or the Frankfurt School.


At a UN summit in 2015, all 193 member states adopted the "Agenda 2030" (also often called Agenda 21), the ultimate goal of which is nothing other than the introduction of socialism at the global level. A kind of world government or New World Order under the administration of the United Nations with far-reaching consequences for the nation states and their sovereignty. I couldn't believe it at that time, because neither the German population was questioned or debated in the Bundestag, nor was there anything about it in the big media. An unbelievable process.

Since then, it has been possible to observe the course being set in this direction. I only recently read the first really offensive propaganda for socialism in the elite magazine "POLITCO" on 3 September 2018. The first head of state I know who mentions Agenda 2030 is the Spanish President Pedro Sanchez in a tweet on August 25, 2018. By the way, even without ever having further enlightened the Spanish public about Agenda 2030.



And then maybe it fits into the picture as well that perhaps the most influential banker in the world, Lord Jacob Rothschild, is acutely concerned about the current world order, which must always be seen as a prophecy by such people. No wonder with the situation on the financial markets.



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