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Below is an excerpt from the publication "Digitalisation & The New World Order", which you can download free of charge below.

The greatest German enemies (here and here) and hypocrites (here and here) can be found in parties like the Greens with icons like the war criminal Joschka Fischer. The children of the disintegrating Frankfurt School have long been working on the destruction of society and the nation state in the sense of neo-Marxism. These people are a threat to democracy and national security. Here and here reports of political madness.

Since the Schröder/ Fischer government, the peace obligation enshrined in the Basic Law has been abandoned. One breaks continuously Basic Law and international law with the participation in illegal wars and terrorism by the NATO, is large arms exporter, privatizes increasingly the military and addresses itself with its recruitment-campaigns also to minors.



And the scenes at the concert as well as the lyrics of the bands really had it in them. A call for violence against women, police or state authorities - everything was there. In former times there was something like an index or protection of minors. The level was simply frightening. And our Federal President Steinmeier also advertises such an event.



Die Deutschen HASSER (Video)



This man organizes the whole thing. From the trafficking, over political support or the whole communication. Here a very good research.


The network of this gentleman is impressive. In addition to more than 200 ONG's (Red Cross, Medics without Borders, Amnesty International or in Germany the Amadeu Antonio Foundation), this gentleman also maintains very good contacts to all major media of the Council of Foreign Relations or the Internet giants who implement the program.


Ultimately it is about the breaking of social ties, the family, the destruction of the nation-states, the division of society at all levels (divide and conquer), the stupefying of the population and ultimately the global transformation of societies - and not for the better. All the topics and hashtags on diversity, multicultural, transgender and feminism also pursue these goals.

And at the end there is the New World Order in the form of a fascist-communist dictatorship, which comes sympathetically under the cloak of socialism.



Since it is really important to understand what socialism/ communism really is, on which ideas it is based and what it really means, I would like to recommend the book "None dare to call it Conspiracy" by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham from 1971 to everyone. Here is also a video/audio with more detailed information from the author.


Following some passages from the book:


Communism is based on two great lies, the first is the assertion that communism is inevitable and the second is the assertion that communism is a movement of oppressed masses rising up against exploitative bosses.

Americans would never think that communism would be implemented in the United States, but they often think that socialism is inevitable.


Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin theorized that before communism can be founded, "socialism" must first be introduced, the definition of socialism being the elimination of private property, the dissolution of family unity, and the destruction of religion. Socialism is used as "bait" or "excuse" to establish a dictatorship that is claimed by the dictators, which eventually dissolves itself and thus gives way to communism. Communists almost always call themselves socialists.


The elite of the establishment, which promotes socialism and communism, does not intend to live under the limitations of these systems, but plans to use such systems to exploit the people of the world. The idea that socialism is a share-the-wealth program is just a fraud to get people to hand over their freedoms to a collectivist government. While people are told that they are moving towards paradise on earth, they are actually building a prison for themselves.


Communism in the Soviet Union is described as a tiny group of oligarchic elites at the top who control all the wealth, production and life of the rest. Mr Brezhnev does not live like one of the poor peasants in the Russian steppe, but according to socialist theory he should.


Once one has understood that socialism actually means "consolidation and control of wealth" and not "sharing of wealth", it is easy to see that it is not a paradox that super-rich capitalists promote socialism. Socialism is not a movement of the oppressed, but of the economic elite.


What is happening in the United States is a step towards consolidating power into an all-powerful "socialist" government that can undermine competition. To have a worldwide monopoly, there must be a worldwide socialist government. "Communism" is not about a movement of oppressed masses, but about a movement created and manipulated by power. The powerful of the world are trying to gain control over the world to eventually achieve a "Great Fusion" that brings the nations of the world together into a single socialized organ controlled by the global elite through their private banks and the United Nations.


With Agenda 2030 (Agenda 21), the United Nations is quite close to its goal, which must be prevented at all costs. Here is a warning from an Australian politician.



Download publication "Digitization & The New World Order

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Presentation of all topics of digitisation and proposal for the structure and tasks of an eGovernment Digital Agency. 

Information on the current situation in Europe and the world as well as on the New World Order including historical links.


More detailed material for study purposes can be downloaded below:


DIGITALIZATION (500MB)   (Dropbox / DriveOnWeb, German provider - registration required)

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