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Standstill reigns, visions for the future and politics in the states are lacking, betraying and neglecting the common youth and thus the future of all of us.

In the face of a ramshackle Europe, Europe's young people must at last revolt, non-violently, with sense and reason, discourse and common demands. For the young people are primarily the victims of this permanent crisis, because they are robbed of a good future.


The spoiled post-war Europeans have for a long time been under the illusion that peace, prosperity and stability have been put on the table forever and are no longer at stake.


Standstill reigns, visions for the future and politics in the states are lacking, betraying and neglecting the common youth and thus the future of all of us. Young people, like the poor, have no real lobby.


The task of any form of government is to act for the good and freedom of its citizens. But the wellbeing and freedom of Europe's young people, and hence the future, are at risk. The youth unemployment caused by the elderly is also a disaster.

It is doubly bitter: That on the one hand the youth is betrayed - and on the other let themselves be betrayed. Why the latter? Because she is busy with sheer survival and would actually rely on a well-ordered field for work and talent development.


As a result of the socio-cultural evolution of the past 30 years, young people, to put it mildly, are made up of individualists who are digitally connected, but who do not develop a substantive sense of togetherness or a pan-European generational identity. Increasing individualism also threatens our community and society. Mankind is a social animal and lives on real cooperation.


The task of any form of government is to act for the good and freedom of its citizens. However, the well-being and freedom of Europe's young people are at risk, and the youth unemployment caused by the elderly and middle-aged is a catastrophe.


However, whenever freedom of self-development is curtailed, there is a moral right to revolt - as the great Albert Camus put it. A revolt that is more than just rebellion because rebellion runs into the void of an actionist resistance for its own sake. A revolt that is not a revolution, because it does not overthrow or beat to death by force. Revolt, on the other hand, means dissolving power by no longer recognising it when it violates the principle of freedom.


Recognize that your freedom, peace and truth is threatened: by totalitarian surveillance and religious fundamentalism, uncontrolled immigration or Marxist ideologues. Through economic oligopolies, supranational dictatorships like the United Nations (and the EU, if we don't watch out), tax evasion, breach of the common good and corruption.


It is you who need to stand up, advertise and argue, who must make themselves heard and bring convincing leaders on the political stage. It is you who must tell the new story of a united Europe and become the historical subject of the future.


You are outnumbered in elections, find intelligent ways and cooperations to achieve your goals. Use the digital possibilities intelligently and don't waste your time on Facebook or Snapchat. Many speak English, network and organize yourselves within Europe or worldwide! As a community you are strong!


Also seek dialogue with the elderly, learn from each other and works on a new intergenerational contract.


Today, the conflict is aggravating because the younger generation is outnumbered, that is true. This makes political commitment all the more necessary. In their own interests, however, the parties must also make greater efforts to attract young people, otherwise they will be threatened with extinction. Not to mention the social consequences. New ways and means of participation must be discussed in order to guarantee the future of the party system and our democracy and free society.


What is needed is a collectively founded Union of future and convinced Europeans who - wrestling with the blocs of America, China, Russia and the Gulf States as well as in the fight against theocratic Stone Age empires, technology monopolies and world domination fancies - that will not let this wonderful continent, which is so gifted in social and political terms knowledge and the ability to learn, be taken away from their hands.


It is high time to rethink the idea of civil liberty and fight for an open, fair and strong pan-European society and community!


Be solidary! Be critical!


Youth, people of Europe, unite! Together we are strong!



Large parts of the text from an article by Christian Schüle.



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