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Ms Merkel is presented with the "pirate song" in Georgia and shows herself to be text-safe.

Her trip to the Caucasus at the end of August 2018 took the Chancellor to Georgia. There the Georgian ensemble played the song "Wir lieben die Stürme" (we love the storms), also called "Piratenlied" (pirate song), which is considered the Chancellor's favourite song. In the video you can see how the otherwise so reserved Mrs. Merkel enthusiastically sings the first verse with great confidence.


The song originated during the times of the Bündische Jugend ("confederation youth") and would later be included by the NAZIS (Hitler Youth, NS-Reichsarbeitsdienst etc.). One could identify oneself with the "blood-red flag" and the motto "Much enemy, much honour" was already brought close to the rascals and Hitler Youth by the HJ leaders.


The song really has the character of storm, conquest and belligerence of pirates and shows us a whole new side of Mrs. Merkel.



We love the storms (or also pirate song)


1)We love the storms, the roaring waves,

the ice-cold winds rough face.

We have already drawn so many to the seas,

and yet our flag did not sink.

Heijo, heijo, heijo, heijo, heijo, heijoho, heijo, heijoho, heijo!


2) Our ship glides proudly through the foaming waves,

now the wind tightens our sails with power.

See up above the flag turning,

the blood-red flag, you sailors', be careful.


3) We drive the prey with flying sails,

we hunt is far on the endless sea.

We fall on deck, and we fight like lions,

hei, our victory, many enemies, many honour!


4) Yes, we are pirates and go to seas,

we do not fear death and the devil to it,

we laugh of enemies and all dangers,

at the bottom of the sea we find peace.



It also fits to the whole event that the black service Mercedes of Mrs. Merkel was provided with a number plate which starts with SS. Interesting historical detail: The Waffen-SS of the NAZIS never officially capitulated after the Second World War.



Both the singing of Nazi songs and the use of Nazi symbols are punishable under German law and can be punished with imprisonment.


So, as a citizen, I demand an explanation of these incidents and the long overdue dismissal of Mrs Merkel.


What is going on in Georgia, the Caucasus, the Caspian Sea, Ukraine and on the borders with Russia, and what exactly is Germany's role here?





The Federal Republic of Germany is not Germany. To this day, Germany is not a sovereign state and is still an occupied economic colony administered on behalf of the Allies and their principals.

The German Basic Law was imposed on the Federal Republic by the Western Allied victorious powers in 1949 and is not a constitution. Allied law of the Allied military government is still superior to German law today. Thus Germany is not sovereign until today. The same applies, for example, to Austria, whose sovereignty depends on the German.


The 2nd World War has not ended to this day. On 8 May 1945 only the unconditional surrender of the military forces took place. The 3rd Reich of Hitler himself did not capitulate. Germany is still in a state of war under armistice conditions. There are no internationally binding peace treaties with 54 states. The 2+4 treaty is not a peace treaty valid under international law.

Germany is still led with the UNO as enemy state and according to the enemy state clauses of the United Nations, 53 and 107, Germany is still occupied country without own right and state sovereignty - and appropriate implications.


The ordered and supposed denazification was stopped by Konrad Adenauer, so that many Nazis and NSDAP members returned to ministries and politics. And although the Allies banned Nazi laws back then, they are still in force today.


The population was made stateless by withdrawal of the homeland nationality and is thus "outlawed". No state authority emanates from the people. Even the human rights according to Article 1 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany are not protected by criminal law in the German Penal Code. To this day, the signing of the UN Human Rights Charter has been refused.


The statehood was abolished with the Federal Republic of Germany and a construct was created from companies and NGO's - a private commercial trust administration. Here are confirming original statements of some German politicians like Sigmar Gabriel, Wolfgang Schäuble, Jürgen Trittin, Gregor Gysi. This video is a very good summary of the situation in Germany. The Unification Treaty on German Reunification is also invalid.


Here a 700-page documentation, together with legal evidence, about the continuation of the 3rd Reich in Germany and the general fraud against the German people.



Mrs. Merkel works continuously on the downfall of Germany and Europe. Whether she has the wrong friends, is blackmailed, in the wrong clubs, wants to build a GDR 2.0 or just wants to make a career. One does not know it exactly.


Plan for the Islamisation of Europe with the help of corrupt EU politicians (see here, here, here, here, here, here or here)



Also for many Nazis the USA was later a "safe haven". With the operations Paperclip and Overcast, for example, many scientists were brought to the USA, who then worked on the American Space Programme. Even with the recent merger between Monsanto and Bayer, two companies again come together that formed IG Farben during the Nazi era, which operated concentration camps like Auschwitz - with Rockefeller or Ford as shareholders. Or the role of Prescot Bush or the Bush Clan. Also connections of the Nazis to the Jesuits in the Vatican are interesting.



Together with their Israeli and English friends they create and maintain ISIS, cause and steer the refugee crisis and the flow of refugees to Europe with gentlemen like Obama or Soros in order to bring about civil war-like conditions there. Everywhere, as for example in the Ukraine, there are ignitions to weaken and destabilize Europe. The European right-wing populists are set up among others by Steve Bannon and George Soros to control left and right. Europe will not survive a war against Russia. Now also the possible withdrawal from the INF contract. The eternal subject.

So much for our friends and partners.




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