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Below is an excerpt from the publication "Digitalisation & The New World Order", which you can download free of charge below.

The events in Chemnitz have shown how things are going and since then I am sure that we have nothing good to expect from our politics and the media - on the contrary.


After a knife attack by migrants with one death and two serious injuries, an entire city, an entire federal state is pilloried as if they were all Nazis.


Chemnitz and Saxony are currently experiencing an unprecedented generalisation and it seems that politics and the press are deliberately trying to force an open, social confrontation.


You have to imagine that. The Chemnitzers suffer from violence and crime by (predominantly) migrants and don't dare to enter their own city centre in the evening. There are dead people. And if they complain about the untenable conditions and hold a funeral march, they are defamed as Nazis or far Right. This is also a mockery of the victims of violence. In this video some voices of Chemnitzers, in particular the young man from minute 7:50 on brings the situation in Chemnitz to the point. The role of the media is a scandal.


Even the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel denounces her own people on the basis of a dubious video, which is supposed to show a hunt which, according to the head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, did not exist. At the demonstrations there were nonlocal groups from left, right and partly also some foreigners whose task was pure provocation.


Of the Hitler greetings allegedly shown in large numbers on the funeral march, the public prosecutor is pursuing 6 cases. 2 Suspects are representatives of the media, probably a police informer at the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.


It is quite conspicuous. Whenever right-wing groups are involved, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is not far away. The right-wing radical party NPD would probably not have existed at that time without the Office for the Protection of the Constitution or one thinks of the proximity to the NSU terrorist group, whose trial recently ended without finally clarifying the role of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The case files in this regard will remain under lock and key for 120 years. Or even the suspicion currently being investigated by a parliamentary committee of inquiry as to whether a police informer did not incite the Breitscheidplatz assassin Anis Amri. So much for the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.


And that also the economy is blowing the same horn and is worried about the location East Germany because of the "brown mob" is a strong piece. All with the result that Germany (again) stands there as a country of right-wing extremist Nazis. And against that I resist and say that this does not correspond to reality. The Germans are in the great majority peace-loving people.


"Nazis" or racists clearly form a small minority here. Even AfD voters are not automatically right-wing extremists, but mostly concerned citizens who do not agree with the conditions in the country and the policies of the established parties. In this respect, the AfD is also a protest party. And if you take the trouble and listen to some speeches of your deputies in the Bundestag, you have to realize that these people are quite justified in their criticism of the government.


And I do not think it is correct that the East Germans, in particular, are always put in the right-hand corner. I consider the East Germans to be simply more vigilant on account of their still present experiences from the socialist dictatorship and who are therefore in a better position to see what is really being played.


However, following this press report and an incident during Mrs Merkel's visit to Georgia and the situation in some countries bordering Russia, I believe it is possible that Germany will once again be given the Nazi role in possible future conflicts. I will come back to this later on with regard to the situation in Germany.


The crowning glory of the Chemnitz mockery was a free concert with the well-known German band "Die Toten Hosen" as well as several left-wing radical bands, one of which is also observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.


And the scenes at the concert as well as the lyrics of the bands really had it in them. A call for violence against women, police or state authorities - everything was there. In former times there was something like an index or protection of minors. The level was simply frightening. And our Federal President Steinmeier also advertises such an event.


Winston Churchill is said to have once said that the fascists of the future call themselves anti-fascists.

And perhaps he is right.


I do not see the AntiFa only since Chemnitz very critically in your actions and also violence readiness. In principle it is of course correct to be against fascism, but I can only recommend to have a closer look at the origins and goals of this group. 


The AntFa has its origin in the former Soviet Union and should bundle left groupings, in order to help finally the communism in Germany and Europe to the victory.


And this at the time of the bloodthirsty Marxist Bolsheviks of Lenin, Trotsky & Co., who killed millions of people. I can only advise everyone to deal with socialism/ communism and its origins and fathers, which is now to be imposed on us by the New World Government of the United Nations. My fear is that in the end we will have to deal with a model like the former GDR or today's communist China.


It is also important to understand how similar fascism and socialism/communism were at that time. Both the communist and fascist systems were based on collectivism and state planned economy. Both were systems in which the individual was strongly controlled by a powerful state, and both were responsible for large-scale atrocities and genocides. Hitler's Germany was National Socialist. Mussolini was in young years Marxist. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini - all mass murderers.


By the way, the German government supports AntiFa groups with 100 million EUR annually. In the USA, Georg Soros is one of the sponsors. As I said, Mr. Soros really has an incredible network and is extremely active, you have to admit that without envy.


Since it is really important to understand what socialism/ communism really is, on which ideas it is based and what it really means, I would like to recommend the book "None dare to call it Conspiracy" by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham from 1971 to everyone. Here is also a video/audio with more detailed information from the author.


Following some passages from the book:


Communism is based on two great lies, the first is the assertion that communism is inevitable and the second is the assertion that communism is a movement of oppressed masses rising up against exploitative bosses.

Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin theorized that before communism can be founded, "socialism" must first be introduced, the definition of socialism being the elimination of private property, the dissolution of family unity, and the destruction of religion. Socialism is used as "bait" or "excuse" to establish a dictatorship that is claimed by the dictators, which eventually dissolves itself and thus gives way to communism. Communists almost always call themselves socialists.


The elite of the establishment, which promotes socialism and communism, does not intend to live under the limitations of these systems, but plans to use such systems to exploit the people of the world. The idea that socialism is a share-the-wealth program is just a fraud to get people to hand over their freedoms to a collectivist government. While people are told that they are moving towards paradise on earth, they are actually building a prison for themselves.



There are massive problems everywhere in Europe with violence and crime. No-Go Areas in Germany, the daily terror in Sweden, Sharia in Oslo, astronomical crime in Austria, chaos and repression in France under state of emergency or the crime rates in London etc. etc...


In Germany it can also happen that refugees meet their former ISIS tormentors. Or that the former bodyguard of Osama Bin Laden is domiciled.



The 2nd World War has not ended to this day. On 8 May 1945 only the unconditional surrender of the military forces took place. The 3rd Reich of Hitler himself did not capitulate. Germany is still in a state of war under armistice conditions. There are no internationally binding peace treaties with 54 states. The 2+4 treaty is not a peace treaty valid under international law.

Germany is still led with the UNO as enemy state and according to the enemy state clauses of the United Nations, 53 and 107, Germany is still occupied country without own right and state sovereignty - and appropriate implications.


The ordered and supposed denazification was stopped by Konrad Adenauer, so that many Nazis and NSDAP members returned to ministries and politics. And although the Allies banned Nazi laws back then, they are still in force today.



The greatest German enemies (here and here) and hypocrites (here and here) can be found in parties like the Greens with icons like the war criminal Joschka Fischer. The children of the disintegrating Frankfurt School have long been working on the destruction of society and the nation state in the sense of neo-Marxism. These people are a threat to democracy and national security. Or the SPD, which constantly cheats on its clientele.  Here and here reports of political madness.




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