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Below is an excerpt from the publication "Digitalisation & The New World Order", which you can download free of charge below.

The German Question


Germany's situation also fits in with this whole construct of lies and the EU's economic and political interests. The Federal Republic of Germany is not Germany. To this day, Germany is not a sovereign state and is still an occupied economic colony administered on behalf of the Allies and their principals.

The German Basic Law was imposed on the Federal Republic by the Western Allied victorious powers in 1949 and is not a constitution. Allied law of the Allied military government is still superior to German law today. Thus Germany is not sovereign until today. The same applies, for example, to Austria, whose sovereignty depends on the German.


The 2nd World War has not ended to this day. On 8 May 1945 only the unconditional surrender of the military forces took place. The 3rd Reich of Hitler himself did not capitulate. Germany is still in a state of war under armistice conditions. There are no internationally binding peace treaties with 54 states. The 2+4 treaty is not a peace treaty valid under international law.

Germany is still led with the UNO as enemy state and according to the enemy state clauses of the United Nations, 53 and 107, Germany is still occupied country without own right and state sovereignty - and appropriate implications.


The ordered and supposed denazification was stopped by Konrad Adenauer, so that many Nazis and NSDAP members returned to ministries and politics. And although the Allies banned Nazi laws back then, they are still in force today.


The population was made stateless by withdrawal of the homeland nationality and is thus "outlawed". No state authority emanates from the people. Even the human rights according to Article 1 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany are not protected by criminal law in the German Penal Code. To this day, the signing of the UN Human Rights Charter has been refused.


The statehood was abolished with the Federal Republic of Germany and a construct was created from companies and NGO's - a private commercial trust administration. Here are confirming original statements of some German politicians like Sigmar Gabriel, Wolfgang Schäuble, Jürgen Trittin, Gregor Gysi. This video is a very good summary of the situation in Germany. The Unification Treaty on German Reunification is also invalid.


Here a 700-page documentation, together with legal evidence, about the continuation of the 3rd Reich in Germany and the general fraud against the German people.


According to a case law of the Federal Constitutional Court dated 25.07.2012, it is also certain that under the "validity" of the Federal Electoral Act - date of execution of 07.05.1956 - "a constitutional legislator" has never been at work and thus in particular all "laws" and "ordinances" enacted since 1956 are null and void. The condition has not been changed until today.


That means the Federal Government, the Bundestag, Bundesrat and all so-called people's representatives are not legitimated.


Also all national and international (EU, NATO, United Nations etc.) contracts, which were closed with the stateless Federal Republic of Germany, are not valid. The Federal Republic of Germany is legally incompetent. It is a global general fraud of the Federal Republic of Germany and its managing representatives.


The feudalist parties in Germany, which for decades have deliberately deceived people with the appearance of a democracy, must be called mafia. The greatest German enemies (here and here) and hypocrites (here and here) can be found in parties like the Greens with icons like the war criminal Joschka Fischer. The children of the disintegrating Frankfurt School have long been working on the destruction of society and the nation state in the sense of neo-Marxism. These people are a threat to democracy and national security. Or the SPD, which constantly cheats on its clientele. That the AfD really means it with the liberation of the Germans seriously, or is just controlled opposition, must it still prove. Here and here reports of political madness.

Since the Schröder/ Fischer government, the peace obligation enshrined in the Basic Law has been abandoned. One breaks continuously Basic Law and international law with the participation in illegal wars and terrorism by the NATO, is large arms exporter, privatizes increasingly the military and addresses itself with its recruitment-campaigns also to minors.


With Mrs Merkel, the undermining of the rule of law continues unabated. Basic laws are being broken or parliament is being ignored. There is complete lawlessness and totalitarian arbitrariness of an illegal and fascist system. Here and here a good inventory and balance.


Mrs. Merkel works continuously on the downfall of Germany and Europe. Whether she has the wrong friends, is blackmailed, in the wrong clubs, wants to build a GDR 2.0 or just wants to make a career. One does not know it exactly.


In any case she does not act in the interest of Germany or Europe, is a cheater and traitor to the German people - in addition to the numerous collaborators.


And why please does Mrs. Merkel sing an old Nazi song (video) on her trip to the Caucasus at the end of August 2018 in Georgia. The "Pirate Song" from 1933 also belonged to the Nazi song collection. It fits that the number plate of your black service Mercedes starts with SS (see Tweet). Interesting detail: Even the Waffen SS never officially capitulated after the Second World War. Both the singing of Nazi songs or the use of Nazi symbols is punishable by German law and can be punished with a prison sentence of 3 years.


In Germany, anyone who criticizes the Merkel system is currently being defamed as a Nazi. The real fascists and Nazi successors sit in government and ministries. This is why Berlin is blocking the return of Nazi files from the USA. There, further details of former NSDAP members and politicians such as Walter Scheel (Federal President 1974-1979), Karl Carstens (Federal President 1979-1984), Kurt-Georg Kiesinger (Federal Chancellor 1966-1969) or Hans-Dietrich Genscher (Foreign Minister 1974-1992). The denazification of Germany never really took place - on the contrary. As said before, Hitler's 3rd Reich was simply continued in order to implement the existing plans for the 4th Reich in the form of the EU as a further step towards the One World Government.


And how is it that the United Nations, which is so concerned about world peace and human rights, tolerates these incredible conditions? Or our Western and European friends, allies and/or occupying powers? Mr Putin knows that Germany is not sovereign. How many states (apart from Austria) are there in this untenable situation? It is a global conspiracy of capital and the power elites for a fascist-communist world dictatorship which turns states into empty shells and disenfranchises and enslaves their citizens.



The Liberation of Germany, Europe and the World from the Fascists (and Communists)


For the general fraud committed against the Germans (see documentation), the Allied occupying forces have left in the Basic Law a possibility for the liberation or regaining of sovereignty for the German people. This is, of course, one of the best-kept secrets from the German people by the occupying forces and corrupt political elites and the managing directors of the Federal Republic of Germany AG.


The implementation of the combination between articles 139 and 146 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany is the way to liberation and would be the final victory over the fascists and their colonialism worldwide.


Article 139 GG

The provisions of this Basic Law shall not affect the legal provisions enacted for the "liberation of the German people from National Socialism and militarism".


Article 146 GG

This Basic Law, which shall apply to the entire German people after the completion of the unity and freedom of Germany, shall cease to be valid on the day on which a Constitution shall enter into force which has been freely adopted by the German people.


When Germany finally becomes free and sovereign, Europe (e.g. also Austria, whose sovereignty depends on the Germans) and the world (USA etc.) will also be liberated.


This would be a real chance for peace and a return to the self-determination of the peoples as well as prevention of the inhuman dictatorship of the New World Order of globalists and bankers under the aegis of the United Nations.


The German people could finally become free, carry out the denazification finally, conclude the missing peace treaties with 54 nations and stand up sovereign for peace in Europe and the world and help to end the dictatorship of the fascists and globalists who want to enslave the world.


Here a draft for a homeland and peace program for the liberation of Germany.


For the implementation it needs of course large parts of the German people, similarly the marches 1989, which led to the fall of the GDR and the fall of the wall. A peaceful revolution of the masses for liberation from this fraudulent fascist state of injustice and its helpers and organs. Article 20 of the Basic Law gives every citizen the right to resist anyone who violates the democratic and social order. Due to the actions of the government and the situation of the Germans, I regard it as given to make use of this right. Civil servants, policemen and soldiers should reconsider their oath. Company or fatherland? The whole felt of parties, justice and media and current politics has nothing more to do with democracy.


Away with the fascists. End of the occupation immediately. For a sovereign, peaceful Germany!


Since this situation and the circumstances are of course withheld from the Germans by the occupying forces, politicians and media, I hereby ask for the help of the international community.


Help to end the over 70 years lasting fraud against the Germans (and Europe and/or the world) and to overthrow the regime of the fascists, in order to prevent so the fascist-communist dictatorship under aegis of the European Union and the United Nations. For a fraternal Europe of free and sovereign nation states!



PASS ON THE WORD, please !!!



Possible ways to organize resistance in Germany (and Europe)


A "grassroots movement" is needed to liberate and implement paragraphs 139 and 146 of the Basic Law.


The movement should first be organised at the local level. The municipal level offers many possibilities for shaping and influencing the movement. From there, further regional and national associations and actions can be organised.


As a fixed date and meeting point at the mayors of the villages and in front of the town halls of the cities or citizen's offices of the districts I suggest each Tuesday between 17 and 20 o'clock.


The possibility of a first large demonstration or rally exists on 9 November between 10 and 20 o'clock in front of the Reichstag in Berlin (invitation Youtube / event Facebook). There the association Staatenlos e.V., which has been working for the liberation of Germany and the Germans for years, has registered an event. The chairman of the association Mr. Hoffmann explains the situation of Germany and explains the way to the liberation. Everyone should really come, because that concerns everyone - including all foreign fellow citizens and friends. That is everyone's business!


"Freedom is never given; it is won."

Philip Randolph


"If the Germans stick together, they'll knock the devil out of hell."

Otto von Bismarck


Use of the following hashtags in social media:

#FreeGERMANY (#FreeAUSTRIA etc.)







Liquidation of the company Federal Republic of Germany, including management personnel. Denazification. Meaningful transitional solutions.


Restoration of the sovereignty of Germany and liberation of the Germans by means of a constitution from the people for the people (articles 139 & 146 GG).


Conclusion of all missing peace treaties. Never again war!


Reforms in politics, e.g. ending the feudalism of the parties, strengthening the parliament, more direct democracy through referendums, reflection on the functioning within the Berlin bubble of think tanks, media, foundations, lobbies, Twitter stars or PR people, more transparency or direct participation etc..


Restoration of national security, protection of (EU) borders. Non-signature of the UN Migration Pact. Return to the rule of law.


National and European interests first. Reform of the EU and UN or leave these organisations.


New foundation and, if necessary, dismantling of the European Union and the EURO. Renunciation of blame or stigmatisation. All European heads of government and senior officials in the organisations share equally in the EU's situation. That reminds me of every country... Common, peaceful and forward-looking solutions are now called for. It is about defending our continent of Europe, our diverse cultures and Christian civilisation.


A good vision of the future, unity and decisive action are really needed! Commitment to peace within Europe and the world, especially on the part of the large European countries. Help with the pacification of Ukraine and the Balkans. Normalization of relations with Russia etc..


NATO wars of aggression vs. European Defense Army


Reform of the media and the entire media landscape.


Promoting youth and young people - our future.


Complete reform of the education system.


Establishment of a digital agency that takes care of the issues of digitisation and its effects and develops humane visions of the future (ideas e.g. here, here and here).


Prohibition or observation of sectarian or mafia-like associations such as Zionists, Jesuits, Freemasons, etc., which undermine democracy or the rule of law and threaten world peace.


Stop the disintegrating neo-Marxist indoctrination with the sick approaches of the Frankfurt School or Fabian Society in the educational system or the media. Strengthening the family, community and social cohesion of responsible citizens.


Mental and physical fitness.


Sabbatical for stressed managers or high-professionals of the system as "freedom fighters". Liberating. Even the elderly have to get involved again. The young must rise up and fight for their future. It needs the union of all social movements, because the system is the root of all evil.




And yes, a better world is possible! Ideas e.g. here, here and here and the information material we provide for download.


Is your mind already so inferior to the rape that you forget that it is not only your right but your moral duty to eliminate this system?

- 3rd Leaflet of the White Rose



and JOIN IN!



After the war then the already existing plans for a 4th Reich of the fascists in the form of the European Union were gradually implemented by the same people and with the same people. The goal was always the destruction of the personal freedoms and the national independence of the European nations with the goal of the United States of Europe as milestone and model for the construction of the fascist-communist one-world government under the United Nations. Here is the chronology of fascism in Germany and Europe.


And since then, completely corrupt politicians have continued to work on the subjugation of Europe and the destruction of the nation states in a fascist-communist and technocratic EU dictatorship in the style of the old Soviet Union. There are democratic deficits everywhere, just think of the non-elected and non-democratically legitimised EU Commission or people like EU Council President Van Rompuy.


The whole information policy on the part of the EU and the media is also inadequate. What do they know about the real situation in Brussels or the other EU countries? After my experiences with our project PORTAL ALEMANIA and the German and Spanish authorities and organizations I can only sum up that something like a European public is apparently not wanted at all.


Lobby groups such as the European Round Table of Industrialists, the Group of Thirty or the private banking cartel of the European Central Bank, i.e. the people to whom we owe the last and probably also the forthcoming crisis, determine this in order to completely enslave Europe. Also the EURO was a trap from the beginning, the whole construct is deficient, rules are not followed by anyone etc.. And I can only expressly warn against further steps towards a banking union. A country like Greece will never get back on its feet without its own currency (corresponding devaluation) and insolvency. Then of course the whole state has to be built up and founded etc. (see here, here, here and here)


With the Lisbon Treaty almost all state sovereignty was transferred to the Moloch Brussels. There are violations of human rights, the death penalty was introduced through the back door or a kind of Gestapo / secret police was created. Now the expansion of the EU public prosecutor's office is to be accelerated. The development of censorship and control mechanisms on the Internet has also been driven forward recently under the pretext of terror and hate speech.


All in the spirit and harmony of the One World Government that awaits us under the United Nations and whose forerunner/ model is the European Union.


Now that we know what a huge fraud and crime this EU is built on and what plans it has always had, I can only say that it is not my European Union. This project must be stopped as a matter of urgency, because it is a trap.


I am a convinced European at the same time. I learned French in my youth, studied in England, spent an Erasmus year in Spain and lived there for a long time. But this project does not correspond to the European idea that I and I believe most people have who are positive about a common Europe. I want a united, peaceful and strong Europe. But not like that.



And the same people of that time are today working on the introduction of a kind of fascist communism in Europe and the world and selling it as socialism based on the ideologies and ideologues of that time: Adam Weishaupt, Karl Marx, the Fabian Society or the Frankfurt School.


At a UN summit in 2015, all 193 member states adopted the "Agenda 2030" (also often called Agenda 21), the ultimate goal of which is nothing other than the introduction of socialism at the global level. A kind of world government or New World Order under the administration of the United Nations with far-reaching consequences for the nation states and their sovereignty. I couldn't believe it at that time, because neither the German population was questioned or debated in the Bundestag, nor was there anything about it in the big media. An unbelievable process.



The United Nations is the center of the power of the New World Order or world government.


It was also founded by the Rothschilds, Rockfellers & Co. after the Second World War and controlled accordingly. Also the foundation of the predecessor organization League of Nations, which was created after the First World War, goes back to the same circle of persons. Here is an article which describes very well the role of these organisations in the creation of the European Union and their ideas behind it.


That is to say that the bankers first financed all the warring parties and then sit around the table, as in the case of the Versailles Peace Treaty, negotiating the peace conditions and then creating a supranational organisation to resolve the conflicts. In the case of the Warburg family from Hamburg, for example, Paul Warburg sat at the negotiating table for the American side and his son Max Warburg for the German side. How practical. They had also financed the Bolsheviks or the logistics of the Haavara Agreement concluded between Hitler and the Zionists for the relocation of Jews to Palestine. The same applies, for example, to the Bush Clan and networks or industrialists like Ford, who supported Hitler.



I therefore recommend everyone to read this text about the Kalergi Plan (Part 1 / Part 2). For those who want to know more about the ideological and geopolitical ideas behind Coudenhove-Kalergi's "Pan Europa", this text is recommended (Part 1 / Part 2).


At that time there were some people with similar sympathetic ideas. See also the Hooton- or the Morgenthau Plan (but please not on Wikipedia...). A real philanthropist was Theodore Kaufmann.



And that's why what's happening at the moment is not a coincidence, but planned long ago. In the end, the USA and the USA controlling forces have initiated the "War on Terror" and associated "Clash of Civilisations" with the False Flag Action 9/11 (I have to call it that according to my situation - see information per download). And with Bush, Obama, Clinton, Soros & Co. (or also the recently deceased Senator John McCain) one works since then apparently on it to start a 3rd world war. One covers the entire Middle East with war, or one simply lays a prospering Libya in rubble and ashes. Or you look at Syria. All war crimes. Order through chaos - and refugee flows. In addition the terror serves also still as reason for the structure of the supervision and police state.


Donald Trump has brought the situation in the USA and the world to the point in several speeches in his election campaign. He is also right with his opinion on the Clintons or Obama. There are good approaches like the personal meeting with Putin, where I was shocked how much some people in the media or politics seem to want a war. Unfortunately, the situation is just getting worse again. The accusation of electoral interference is downright ridiculous. The USA has never been an angel in Russian elections either.



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